• About us

    We design and manufacture manoeuvring control systems for different types of the ships - offshore vessels, cruise and ferry, workboats and special ships, super and mega yachts. For each type we offer systems engineered to your specific operational needs or requirements.
    Since the first experience of the company founders in early 1980s we keep our focus on area of controlling vessel motion.
    Regardless of the type of the ship or the product we deliver, we share with you our knowledge which is one of our main assets.
    We provide lifetime support of our equipment and service where it is needed.


7th June, 2016


Navis Engineering has successfully commissioned dynamic positioning system on board of the new Finnish icebreaker Polaris, built by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard for the Finnish Transport Agency. Read more »

26th May, 2016


Recently commissioned “Walk-to-Work” support vessel “Zwerver II” is a further development of her successful predecessor “Zwerver III”. Read more »

1st February, 2016

Navis Aker DP model small

The scaling model of icebreaking platform supply vessel “Vitus Bering” was successfully positioned under control of Navis Engineering DP system. Read more »

24th November, 2015


Newly opened Japan Marine Science Simulations Center extends training opportunities for all DP crews operating in Asian region and provides realistic training environment for Pilots, Captains and Officers.
Read more »

13th May, 2015


The Navis Engineering dynamic positioning control system and autopilot onboard the revolutionary icebreaking rescue and emergency vessel Baltika have been approved as meeting performance expectations, following a searching set of Arctic ice trials in the Kara Sea. Read more »